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  • 17 April: 800th article with Chateaubriand's memoirs, IX, 13.
  • 01 May: Because of the increasing number of spammers, anonymous users cannot create pages anymore. They can still modify existing pages.
  • 6 May: Blocking of spams activated.
  • 27 May: 900th article with Nineteen Eighty-four - Part III, 3 by George Orwell.
  • 04 June: 1,000th article with Poèmes pour la paix by Paul Éluard.
  • 08 July: Update of Mediawiki software to version 1.10.0., followed by 2 weeks of service interruption when the wiki is in read-only mode.
  • 24 July: Move to a new hosting service following numerous problems with the old one. The default language is now English.
  • 28 September: Launch of the Russian section of the site.
  • 01 October: 1,500th article with The Sun, by Charles Baudelaire, translated by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Poem, Cite, CharSet and ProofreadPage extensions added.
  • 02 October: All works by Daniil Kharms (more than 100 pages) were moved here from the Russian and English parts of "Wikisource". The beginning of moving here of the works by Osip Mandelstam and Mikhail Prishvin.
  • 03 October: All 43 works by Mikhail Prishvin were moved here from the Russian part of Wikisource.
  • 09 October: The poems by Agniya Barto, the famous children poetess, were moved here together with the works of dozens others authors rejected by the Russian part of Wikisource by copyright reasons. The Russian section of Wikilivres reached 450 articles now. It contains works of 20 Russian authors and 15 foreign authors in Russian translation.
  • 10 October: Sonnet 66 by Shakespeare in the Russian translation by Samuil Marshak became the 2,000th article. The page Accueil was viewed 10,000 times.
  • 15 October: Vandal bot attack. Further account creation and edit restrictions.
  • 01 November: More extensions available: LilyPond, CategoryTree, ExpandTemplates, etc. See also Project:Lilypond.
  • 02 November: 2,500th page with Days of War, Nights of Love/Afterwor(l)d‎.
  • 04 November: All Osip Mandelstam pages (more than 250) were moved here from the Russian part of Wikisource.
  • 08 November: Russian section reached 1000th page. It becomes: Осень («Authumn»), the text of the song by Charles Ives (the text was composed together with his wife Harmony Twitchell).
  • 21 November: 100th author of the Russian section (all together in Wikilivres 233 authors).
  • 23 November: 200th user was registered in Wikilivres.
  • 26 November: 3,000th page with Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto VI in Russian.
  • 23 December: 3,500th page with Poèmes retrouvés from Paul Éluard





  • 13 March: MediaWiki updated to 1.16.2.
  • 06 September: Wikilivres backup is hosted by Wikiteam.
  • 07 September: Threath from Gallimard sent to Wikilivres service provider. See File:Injonction de Gallimard.pdf.


  • 10 May - moved to the address:
  • 04 June - The work of some Russian authors has been moved from Wikilivres. The administration of the site SouLibre gave them a temporal refuge. See the list here: Project:Текущие события#2012.





  • 01 January - After an eventful year that saw the 10th anniversary of the site as well as the passing of User:Eclecticology, users are invited to view Project:1966 deaths, therefore now in the Public Domain for new works to add.
  • 30 March - After being down for about a month, Wikilivres returned from the ashes to be reborn and (mostly) restored on a new host (SSDnodes at their Montreal datacenter).
  • 11 April - 11th year Anniversary
  • 25 April - We have exceeded the total number of 20.000 articles and 2.000 articles in Polish.
  • 01 July - became, due to ongoing inability to gain back control over the domain name. Read more about the discussion.
  • 13 August - We have exceeded the total number of 21.000 articles and 2.500 articles in Polish.


  1. probably the previous scores were wrong due to different counting of articles on the previous server