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Welcome to Wikilivres, a wiki for free cultural works. This site and its contents are available in multiple languages and translation and collaboration between them is encouraged!

Points of interest

While you're here, be sure to check out:

  • Main Page
  • Recent Changes will show you what has happened in real time on Wikilivres
  • The community portal, which includes discussions of policy, clarification, and proposed changes to our site. Ask questions here.

Our neighbors

The Wikimedia Foundation has some similar projects which also use MediaWiki software:

  • Wikimedia Commons is a repository of media files
  • Wikisource is an archive of documents

If you want to learn more about free culture, Freedom Defined is a wiki which attempts to make definitions of free cultural works and the Creative Commons is a set of licenses which allow for the reuse of creative and intellectual works. Some works which were formerly hosted here are now at, which has different licensing as this site.

If you want to learn more about wikis, you can read the English-language Wikipedia article on wikis, check out the original wiki, or find out more about all kinds of wiki communities from WikiIndex.

More about us

  • Read about us at WikiIndex
  • Get statistics at WikiApiary
  • Collaborate on Wikisource (en) and Commons
  • Download WikiTeam dumps from Internet Archive


WikiNodes aim to create a fabric among wikis which allows users to traverse the universe of all wikis via topically related links.