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*(reminder to self: proof/check this text when you can access the source/original again, for suspected transcription errors: As a Farm Woman Thinks - Missouri Ruralist (May 15, 1924) Done.)

the doctor may or may not be "in" - nothing personal, just stuff in the real world to do.

*See also

Always think in terms of end-users; that's why & how I got here...

User:Lx 121/2014 01 01 Intellectual Property Freedom Day announcement/list -- working materials

Le petit prince art auction origwork.jpg

A Strategic Analysis


OTHER online PD "e-book" sites:


as of now, there are literally hundreds of thousands of public domain "e-book" titles online (at least), free, & available in CLEAN COPY

what makes wikilivres "special" (&/or useful), in terms of potential at least, comes down to 2 things:

3. we are PD pma-50.

2. we have greater flexibility in ORGANISING content (& work).

3. IF we are "plugged in" to wikipedia, wmc, ws, wikiquote, wikidata, wikibooks/versity, etc.

users can google, go to the wikipedia article, then find everything related (at least everything free-to-use; pd or cc);

"one-stop shopping"

a user, student say, should be able to start with the wp article about H. L. Mencken,

get some images & maybe audio/video from wmc

(, maybe a few choice quotes for their homework from wq),

AND get the full text of EVERYTHING MENCKEN HAS WRITTEN (except any "new" material published posthumously & <50 years ago)

from wikisource & "us"

when wikilivres & wikisource/en can do that, then we will be "fulfilling our mission".