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System administration
For technical support, see the Technical Requests page, for policy discussions, see the Community Portal. Please note that User:Sysadmin is a role account, at any given time it may be operated by a current systems administrator.

  • From 2006 to 2012 the system administrator was was User:Yann, who founded the site.
  • From 2012 to 2017 the system administrator was Ray Saintonge, who sadly passed away in 2017.
  • From 2017 to October 2018 the system administrator was Jeff ()
  • From October 2018 the system administrators are Arthur Kerensa (), Jeremy Lee-Jenkins ().

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Current administration issues

There seem to be natural groupings of various improvements to the site. These could be considered projects, but the idea is not to overwhelm everyone with many more pages. Here are some thoughts.

Experience from Search to Landing Page

The experience is not good. as evidenced by the fact the average time spent on the site is only 43 seconds.

Yes, the document in question is presented, but there is no context such as: Author, Publisher, Date, Length, any kind of description, or anything about the site and the status of the document (or why it is here).

Also, no table of contents or indication of where to go next to learn more about the Author, the Publication, or other Publications of the Author or those hosted on the site.

In essence, there is zero metadata present upon landing. Also nothing about other formats (and in many cases a single, long html page only).

  • Possible solution: Insert a header template at the top of every page containing basic information.

Purpose and Criteria for Inclusion

  • Includes definition of public domain. See also Help:Public domain, copyright at bottom of page, various licensing templates and categories
  • Balance between original/wikisource origins and main user group, and non-wikisource collection development
  • Includes flowchart of public domain in canada and relation to other country's works

Next generation wiki platform

  • Current generation esp. with DJVU needs to be maintained for ease of use by Wikisourceans
  • Next generation should be faster, easier to maintain, and provide a smaller footprint, while still supporting look and feel for visitors (actually, improvements)
    • One thing to look at is Gitit by John MacFarlane
  • Figure a way to migrate/maintain two systems, both editable, one viewable, with synchronization of some kind
  • Note that one aspect of the next gen is to also try and collect all the pages from various namespaces so that wikilinks and navigation makes sense. As it is there is wikiconfusion wikireigning.

Multilingual / Localization

  • Not sure if there is a simple way to deal with this, though certainly it is currently a patchwork

Dwarfs, Cripples, and Broken Things

  • Current stuff that doesn't work, easy to fix
  • Current stuff that doesn't work, hard to fix
  • New stuff, easy to implement
  • New stuff, hard to implement

Stable Hosting / Backup / Disaster Recovery

  • Make good weekly backups, some rotation, first
  • Email can be moved first, no need to wait for Lightsail/AWS migration
  • Amazon Lightsail, when available, would be nice, otherwise standard EC2
  • AWS in South Korea is another alternative, as are various VPS options in Belarus
    • All in all, Montreal, Minsk, and Seoul are three nice geolocations (if we ever needed more than one)

Domain Name / Links

  • Domain name switch
  • Now time for Linkbuilding / Renaming Links