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A. S. Kline

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(1947– )


en / English : 
Tony Kline. British translator and poet. Tony Kline lives in England. He graduated in Mathematics from the University of Manchester, and was Chief Information Officer (Systems Director) of a large UK company, before dedicating himself to his literary work and interests. His work consists of translations of poetry; critical works, biographical history with poetry as a central theme; and his own original poetry. He has translated into English from Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Chinese and European languages. He also maintains a deep interest in developments in mathematics and the sciences.
eo / Esperanto : 
Tony Kline. Brita poeto kaj tradukisto.
es / Español : 
Tony Kline. Poeta y traductor del Reino Unido.
fr / Français : 
Tony Kline. Traducteur et poète britannique.

ru / русский : 
Тони Клайн. Британский поэт и переводчик с многих языков, в т. ч. с русского. Им переведены многие стихотворения Пушкина, Лермонтова, Мандельштама, Цветаевой и др.


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Translations — Traductions

From Latin

Virgil (-70 — -19)

Horace (-65 — -8)

Ovid (-43 — 17)

From French

Unknown author (13th century)

Jean Racine (1639 — 1699)

François-René de Chateaubriand (1768 — 1848)

Charles Baudelaire (1821 — 1867)

From Russian

Marina Tsvetaeva (1892 — 1941)


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