A Valediction (Liverpool Docks)

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A Valediction (Liverpool Docks)
written by John Masefield
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Is there anything as I can do ashore for you
When you^ve dropped down the tide? —

You can take 'n' tell Nan Pm goin' about the world agen,
                    'N' that the world's wide.
'N' tell her that there ain't no postal service
                    Not down on the blue sea.
'N* tell her that she'd best not keep her fires alight
                    Nor set up late for me.
'N' tell her I'll have forgotten all about her
                    Afore we cross the Line.
'N' tell her that the dollars of any other sailorman
                    Is as good red gold as mine.

Is there anything as I can do aboard for you
Afore the tow-rope's taut?

I'm new to this packet and all the ways of her,
                    'N' I don't know of aught;
But I knows as I'm goin' down to the seas agen
                    'N' the seas are salt 'n' drear;
But I knows as all the doin' as you're man enough for
                    Won't make them lager-beer.

'N' ain't there nothin' as I can do ashore for you
When you've got fair afloat? —

You can buy a farm with the dollars as you've done me of
                    'N' cash my advance-note.

Is there anythin' you'd fancy for your breakfastin'
When you're home across Mersey Bar? —

I wants a red herrin' 'n' a prairie oyster
                    'N' a bucket of Three Star,
'N' a gell with redder lips than Polly has got,
                    'N' prettier ways than Nan —

Well, so-long Billy, 'n' a spankin' heavy pay-day to you!

So-long, my fancy man!

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