Day to Day with Gandhi/Volume 1

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Day to Day with Gandhi
Volume 1
written by Mahadev Desai, translated by Hemantkumar Nilkanth
Volume 2
1968. From November 1917 to March 1919.




"Only that day dawns to which we are awake."

"There is no other choice left for a number of people except to resort to ascetic seclusion in a country which has been reduced to the helplessness of a widow, has been squeezed of all its valour and manliness has been bled white and made a skeleton, has been robbed of its pristine glory and has, therefore, sunk into gloom and despair."
"Away with works,
Philosophy too;
All I want
Is bhakti for you.
Vanish knowledge,
Discretion too;
All I want
Is bhakti for you."
Tukaram (a Maharashtrian Saint)

"Like most human things, discipleship has its good and its evil, its strong and its poor and dangerous side; but it really has a good and strong side;? its manly and reasonable humility, the enthusiasm of having and recognising a great master, and doing what he wanted done."
Dean Church

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