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John Dewey in 1902.

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John Dewey. American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer. · Biography · Works on Wikisource

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John Dewey. Philosophe américain. · Biographie


For pre-1923 works, see John Dewey on Wikisource.
  • Human Nature and Conduct: An Introduction to Social Psychology
  • Experience and Nature (1925)
  • The Public and its Problems (1927)
  • The Quest for Certainty (1929)
  • The Sources of a Science of Education (1929)
  • Individualism Old and New (1930)
  • Philosophy and Civilization (1931)
  • Ethics, second edition (with James Hayden Tufts) (1932)
  • Art as Experience (1934)
  • A Common Faith (1934)
  • Liberalism and Social Action (1935)
  • Experience and Education (1938)
  • Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (djvu, 1938)
  • Freedom and Culture (1939)
  • Theory of Valuation (1939)
  • Knowing and the Known (1949)

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