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John Masefield in 1916.

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John Masefield. Britischer Autor. · Biografie
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John Masefield. British poet, novelist and playwright. · Biography · Works on Wikisource
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John Masefield. Brita verkisto. · Biografio
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John Masefield. Poeta, novelista y dramaturgo británico. · Biografía
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John Masefield. Poète, romancier et dramaturge britannique. · Biographie

pl / Polski : 
John Masefield. Angielski poeta i pisarz, wybitny twórca wierszy o tematyce morskiej. · Biografia


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Works in English


Salt-Water Ballads
Ballads and Poems
Lyrics from the Tragedy of Pompey the Great
Four Narrative Poems
Philip the King and Other Poems
Lollingdon Downs and Other Poems
Good Friday
Reynard the Fox; or, The Ghost Heath Run
Enslaved and Other Poems
Right Royal
King Cole and Other Poems
Poems from "Sard Harker"
Poems from "ODTAA"
Midsummer Night and other Tales in Verse
Poet Laureate poems

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