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Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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de / Deutsch : 
Laura Ingalls Wilder. US-amerikanische Schriftsellerin. · Biografie
en / English : 
Laura Ingalls Wilder. American writer of children's stories · Biography
eo / Esperanto : 
Luara Ingalls wilder. Usona verkistino.
es / Español : 
Laura Ingalls Wilder. Escritora estadounidense de cuentos para niños. · Biografía
fr / Français : 
Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ecrivaine des Etats-Unis. · Biographie


Works in English


Diaries and letters

Newspaper & magazine columns

Mansfield Mirror (Mo.) - 1908-1960(?)

St. Louis Star Farmer (Mo.) - poultry columnist, from before 1911

Columbia Missourian (Mo.) - various issues

De Smet News (S. Dak.) - various issues

Missouri Ruralist - as Mrs. A(lmanzo) J(ames) Wilder


  • The Small Farm Home - Forty-Third Annual Report of the Missouri State Board of Agriculture: A Record of the Work for the Year 1910. Jefferson City, Missouri: The Hugy Stephens Printing Company, 1911, 252-255. [0326]




  • Good Times on the Farm - Missouri Ruralist (With Which Is Combined The Breeders Special), (February 5, 1914): 9.




  • "The War, the Terrible..." Missouri Ruralist (August 20, 1917). (note that there is conflicting information about whether this column exists; the title re-uses a line from mid-way through the previous column)


  • "Opportunity" Missouri Ruralist (November 5, 1918): 26.








Mexico Missouri Message
San Francisco Bulletin
  • "The Tuck 'Em In Corner Poems." San Francisco Bulletin (January-April 1915); in some cases attributed as first works published as 'Laura Ingalls Wilder'. Poems attributed to "The Hush-a-Bye Lady" (dates not on HH copies) include "In the Garden, In the Rain," "The Faery Ring," "The Little Brooklet Laughs Along," "In the Forest," "The Way of the Frog," "The Butterfly's Baby," "When the Rainstorm Beats Its Drum," "The Little Lie-Abed Bear," "When Forest Folk Cuddle to Bed" (February 1, 1915), "Alas, Poor Oysterkin," "The Sunny Days of Childhood," "When the Raindrops Splash in Puddles," and an untitled poem beginning, "Now when this sad cat-as-tro-phe had really come to pass."
  • "The Faery Dew Drop" (poem) in The Tuck'em In Corner. San Francisco Bulletin (February 10, 1915).
  • "The Fairies in the Sunshine" (poem) in The Tuck'em In Corner. San Francisco Bulletin (March 17, 1915).
  • "When Sunshine Fairies Rest" (poem) in The Tuck'em In Corner. San Francisco Bulletin (March 18, 1915).
  • "Where Sunshine Fairies Go" (poem) in The Tuck'em In Corner. San Francisco Bulletin (March 19, 1915).
  • "Naughty Four o'Clocks" (poem) in The Tuck'em In Corner. San Francisco Bulletin (April 24, 1915).
McCall's Magazine
  • “Whom Will You Marry? The Farmer’s Wife Says” - McCall's Magazine, June 1919, as Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Country Gentleman
  • “My Ozark Kitchen” - The Country Gentleman (volume 90?), January 17, 1925 p. 19-20; as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • “The Farm Dining Room” - The Country Gentleman (volume 90?), June 13, 1925 p. 21-22; as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  • Wilder, Mrs. A.J., quoted in "Poultry Raising as an Occupation for Women." The American Food Journal (September 15, 1910): 27. [0327]

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