Nikolai Ivanovich Khokhlov

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Nikolai Ivanovich Khokhlov


cs / Česky : 
Nikolaj Ivanovič Chochlov. Ruský vrchní ekonom průmyslového trustu, později atašé v Záhřebu. Také byl esperantským básníkem. · Biografie
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Nikolai Ivanovich Khokhlov. (Esperanto: Nikolao Hohlov) — Russian specialist in Esperanto, economist, poet, translator, literary critic. His first poems (1910) published in the magazine «La Ondo de Esperanto», «Literatura Mondo» (1918 to 1928) he lived in exile, mostly in Croatia. After World War II two years he lived in Tashkent, the rest of his life in Moscow. His only poetry collection La tajdo («the ebb-tide, 1928) brought him fame as a lyric poet. Nikolai Khokhlov deservedly considered one of the greatest poets in Esperanto, his poems represented in many anthologies. He also worked on literary translation into Esperanto from the Russian, English and Serbian languages.
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Nikolai Ivanovich Khokhlov. .
fr / Français : 
Nikolai Ivanovich Khokhlov. Specialiste russe de l’espéranto, économiste, poète, traducteur, critique littéraire.

ru / русский : 
Николай Иванович Хохлов. Русский эсперантист, экономист, поэт, переводчик, литературный критик. · Биография
zh / 中文 : 
Николай Иванович Хохлов. . · 傳記 / 传记



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