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凡兆 — Nozawa Bonchō


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Nozawa Bonchō. Dichter.
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Nozawa Bonchō. (野沢 凡兆) Japanese haikai poet. He was born in Kanazawa, and spent most of his life in Kyoto working as a doctor. Bonchō was one of Matsuo Bashō's leading disciples and, together with Mukai Kyorai, he edited the Bashō school's Monkey's Raincoat (Sarumino) anthology of 1689.[1] He participated in numerous renku with Bashō and other members of his Shōmon school. · Biography · Works on Wikisource
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Nozawa Bonchō. Poeta japonés · Biografía
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Nozawa Bonchō. poète

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Нодзава Бонтё. Нодзава Бонтё (野沢 凡兆), японский поэт, ученик и друг Мацуо Басё. · Биография · Произведения в Викитеке


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