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Bibliowiki Purpose

The purpose of Bibliowiki is to host creative works, primarily texts, and images, that in the public domain, or under a free license.

Copyright Notification

The copyright status of all texts and other material hosted here must be indicated where it appears, or by an appropriate link to a discussion page or to the head page of a multipage document.

Public Domain in Canada

This site is hosted in Canada and therefore it follows Canadian copyright law. Works clearly in the public domain are all legally acceptable. The relevant parts of the law are summarized at public domain in Canada.

The principal rules of thumb for Canadian copyright law include:

  • Copyright lasts for the life of the author plus fifty years, at the end of the calendar year.
  • Canada follows the rule of the shorter term.
    • The exception to this are works from Mexico or the United States, due to membership in NAFTA.
    • This means that both Mexico and the US copyright material has at the very least Canadian-length copyright protection, as long as it had not entered the public domain before NAFTA ratification.
    • This has no practical impact regarding US material.
    • In Mexico copyright law, there have been a variety of term lengths in the past.

Public Domain and Copyright Licences Welcome at Bibliowiki

Bibliowiki accepts texts in the following copyright licences:

Copyright Licences Not Hosted at Bibliowiki

Previously works had been accepted under three licenses which are no longer allowed:

  • CC-BY-NC
  • GnuFDL

Both the CC-BY-NC-SA and CC-BY-NC licenses can create orphan works, as argued by Stallman.

  • For works already licensed CC-BY-NC-SA, these works cannot be relicensed properly to be hosted at Bibliowiki.
  • For CC-BY-NC licensed works, these can be relicensed under CC-BY-NC-ND.

The GnuFDL has several issues which create problems for works under that licence. The main issue is that it has an exception for parts of a text that cannot be changed, and has a problem insofar that only a part of the work can be modified, but other parts might not be modifiable. This hybrid problem is solved at places such as Wikimedia Commons by dual licensing under CC-BY-SA, however these are not compatible licenses. Because these issues are best avoided, GFDL licensed works cannot be hosted at Bibliowiki.

By restricting the three licences above, the intent is to remain true to freely licensed works. In all cases, the freedom to distribute the works are preserved.

Previous Licensing Restrictions at Bibliowiki

Between mid 2012 and early 2017, CC-BY-ND and CC-BY-NC-ND were no longer accepted at Bibliowiki. This policy has been reversed and as of 01 May 2017, those works are once again welcome at Bibliowiki. The main clarification is that in discussion with the community, it became clear that works under such a license preserved the freedom to distribute such works, and rejecting them from Bibliowiki is counter to the idea of hosting freely licensed works.

Happy May Day!

Languages Supported at Bibliowiki

This site currently accepts material in the English (including Middle English), French, Russian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, and Polish languages. Additional languages may be acceptable on condition that sufficient skills are available for the curation of material in such languages. Small collections of Albanian, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Georgian, Hebrew, Neapolitan, and Turkish material are also hosted here.

We encourage derivative works in translation at Bibliowiki. Many of the works here are translations.

Disclaimer and Use Agreement

Bibliowiki does not accept any responsibility for the content of any works uploaded and/or edited by its participants. These are the exclusive responsibility of the contributors, whom we assume to be acting in good faith. Please check the licence of your works before adding them here; you may in some circumstances be asked to provide documentation of those rights. In the face of a credible challenge to a work, whether on copyright or other legal bases, the work may be immediately deleted but still available for restoration if the challenge is later determined to be invalid.

All editors at Bibliowiki agree to follow Montreal, Ontario, and Canadian law regarding copyright, trademark, obscenity, pornography, libel, defamation, hate speech, and other applicable laws.

Bibliowiki abides by the Canadian Notice-Notice procedures.