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What do we know about Copyright?

  • Do we know what is or is not in the Public Domain in Canada, or a process for someone to find out?
  • Do our visitors understand the copyright and other issues around the content they discover?
  • Do our editors understand the copyright laws when working with new texts?

Where to find copyright information

What does the public domain allow (and not)


This becomes a thornier issue, as trademark law can overrule some aspects of Copyright law. For example, the title of a book using a specific font. In addition, things like characters can be trademarked. This should not affect copyright, or be used to try to extend it, such as:

Flowcharts Needed For Decision-Making

This is my current understanding regarding foreign works and Canadian copyright policy regarding the public domain. This applies to all Berne treaty and WTO/TRIPS accord signatories, which is all but a handful of nations. Please let me know what corrections to make to this image:


Foreign Jurisdictions in relation to Canadian Copyright Law