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Randolph Churchill.

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de / Deutsch : 
Randolph Churchill. Britischer Journalist und Politiker, Sohn des späteren britischen premierministers Winston Churchill. · Biografie
en / English : 
Randolph Churchill. British journalist, writer and a Conservative Member of Parliament, the only son of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. · Biography
eo / Esperanto : 
Randolph Churchill. Brita ĵurnalisto, verkisto kaj Konserisma Parlamentano, filo de Winston Churchill. · Biografio
es / Español : 
Randolph Churchill. Periodista, militar y político británico, hijo de Winston Churchill.
fr / Français : 
Randolph Churchill. Journaliste, militaire et homme politique britannique, fils de Winston Churchill. · Biographie
pl / Polski : 
Randolph Churchill. Brytyjski polityk, jedymy syn premiera Wielkiej brytanii Winstona Churchilla. · Biografia


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Works in English

  • Into Battle (1940)
  • The Sinews of Peace (1948)
  • European Union (1950)
  • In the Balance (1951)
  • Stemming the Tide (1953)
  • They Serve The Queen (1953)
  • The Story of the Coronation (1953)
  • Fifteen Famous English Homes (1954)
  • What I Said About the Press (1957)
  • The Rise and Fall of Sir Anthony Eden (1959)
  • Lord Derby: King of Lancashire (1960)
  • The Unwritten Alliance (1961)
  • The Fight for the Tory Leadership (1964)
  • Twenty-One Years (1965)
  • Winston S. Churchill: Volume One: Youth, 1874–1900 (1966)
  • Winston S. Churchill: Volume One Companion, 1874–1900 (1966, in two parts)
  • Winston S. Churchill: Volume Two: Young Statesman, 1901–1914 (1967)
  • Winston S. Churchill: Volume Two Companion, 1900–1914 (1969, in three parts; published posthumously with the assistance of Martin Gilbert, who wrote future volumes of the biography)
  • The Six Day War (1967; co-authored with his own son, Winston S. Churchill)

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