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Seven Pillars of Wisdom/Book II

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Book I. The Discovery of Feisal Seven Pillars of Wisdom
Book Two. Opening the Arab Offensive
written by Thomas Edward Lawrence
Book III. A Railway Diversion

Book Two. Opening the Arab Offensive

Chapters XVII to XXVII

My chiefs were astonished at such favourable news, but promised help, and meanwhile sent me back, much against my will, into Arabia. I reached Feisal's camp on the day the Turks carried the defences of Jebel Subh. by their so doing the entire basis of my confidence in a tribal war was destroyed.

We havered for a while by Yenbo, hoping to retrieve the position: but the tribesmen proved to be useless for assault, and we saw that if the revolt was to endure we must invent a new plan of campaign at once.

This was hazardous, as the promised British military experts had not yet arrived. However, we decided that to regain the initiative we must ignore the main body of the enemy, and concentrate far off on his railway flank. The first step towards this was to move our base to Wejh: which we proceeded to do in the grand manner.