Song of the Birds for the Queen's Majesty

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Song of the Birds for the Queen's Majesty
written by John Masefield
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The April sends her message forth:-
"Come back, you Birds, into the North."
Back the Birds come.
The words ring, that were dumb.

Watching the Night, the poet cries,
"You Birds of Hope that make men wise,
You Birds that bring
The thought of each good thing...

Come now, on glittering, thrilling plume,
You Sun Birds driving away gloom,
You Birds of Light
Alive with beauty bright.

Be near our England's Queen with thought
Of joy that never can be caught,
The gleam and grace
And flash of our Lord's face

Be near her in the midnight long
Uplift the moonrise of your song,
To bring her peace,
And make all troubles cease.

Be near her and those near her, singing
Of all the Hopes of heaven springing
In hearts on earth
That Love may bring to birth.

Bring us that Love, so many, bright,
That we, her subjects, in delight,
Make England fair,
To bless her everywhere.

(March 1937)

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