Songs of Robert Burns/There's cauld kail in Aberdeen

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Songs of Robert Burns ~ There's cauld kail in Aberdeen
James C. Dick
No. 225. From "The Songs by Robert Burns". A Study in Tone-Poetry. Published by Henry Frowde. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and New York 1903. Source: «traditionalmusic»


No. 225. There's cauld kail in Aberdeens.

Tune: Cauld kail Scots Musical Museum, 1788, No. 162.


* * *

There's cauld kail in Aberdeen,
And castocks in Strathbogie,
When ilka lad maun hae his lass,
Then fye, gie me my coggie.


My coggie, Sirs, my coggie,
Sirs, I cannot want tny coggie:
I wadna gie my three-girr'd cap,
For ier a quean on Bogie.

There's Johnie Smith has got a wife
That scrimps him o' his coggie,
If she were mine, upon my life
I wad douk her in a bogie.

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  • No. 225. There's cauld kail in Aberdeen. The two stanzas and chorus in the text are in the Interleaved Museum where Burns states they are ' the old verses.' They are not found elsewhere, and he doubtless mended them. For an account of the tune Cauld Kail, see notes to Nos. 102 and 104.

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