The Call Divine

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The Man of Allah
The Call Divine
written by Qassim Ali Jairazbhoy
1933 poem that appeared in The Man of Allah.

Striking traits in him did vie;
Noble, chaste, and truthful high,
Was the Prophet's youthful life,
Midst that land of hopeless strife;

Doubtless stainless, crystal clean,
Was that beaming, beauteous mien;
And Bahira spoke the truth,
Of the greatness of the youth.

Deeply moved by Mecca's ways,
Immorality so base,
Oft in contemplative mood,
He bewildered, baffled stood,

Seeking solemn loneliness,
And not worldly happiness;
In that wicked Arab land,
Lotus-like he pure did stand.

And Khadija equal pure,
Noble, good, and rich, was sure
Worthy, fitting mate to him,
In that time of darkness dim,

Of perplexing agony;
She, a heaven-sent harmony,
Added glow and glory more,
Gladly all those burdens bore.

Now more contemplative still,
Grew that soul of stronger will,
And Khadija knew his ways,
That were not for conjugal days;

Off he tore from homely bliss,
Solitude he could not miss;
Often Hira Mount he sought,
From its cave he thought a lot.

At a stretch for days and nights,
He oft meditation's heights,
Thro' steps mental, beautiful,
By forgetting free and full,

Worthless bodily deeds and needs,
(Then of these the soul least heeds)
Reached triumphant, ecstatic,
Far above the world so sick.

Of the how and why of things,
Of life's divers bitter stings,
Of this world and of the next,
Told in many a holy text,

Of the stinking vices seen,
Of life aimless, shameless mean,
He there pondering wandered oft
High, where all were calm and soft

Thus reflecting, communing e'er,
Concentrated, without a stir,
Merging in the infinite,
In that wondrous indefinite,

In that harmony divine,
Where His glorious light doth shine,
Visions thrilling he could see,
Rarest, highest ecstasy.

There he sat one ev'ning calm;
Then the sun was shining warm;
Lo! Soon darkness solemn came;
Twinkling stars did right proclaim,
What a heavenly night it was,
They in darkness brighter glass.

So complete wrapped up in dream,
In unconsciousness supreme,
Far beyond all light and shade,
In that hallowed spot he prayed,
Until dawn emerging slow
With a flood of silver glow,
Filled the place around in full,
Tis a scene true beautiful.

From his trance he trembling woke,
As a voice Divine thus spoke.
"Thou art the Man,
Thou art the Prophet of Allah."

So, he was to show the way,
Crowned with Prophethood that day.