The Common Man

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The Common Man
written by Gilbert Keith Chesterton

1. The Common Man
2. A Midsummer Night's Dream
3. On Reading
4. Monsters and the Middle Ages
5. What Novelists Are For
6. The Song of Roland
7. The Superstition of School
8. The Romance of a Rascal
9. Paying for Patriotism
10. The Pantomime
11. Reading the Riddle
12. A Tale of Two Cities
1. God and Goods
2. From Meredith to Rupert Brooke
3. The Dangers of Necromancy
4. Giotto and St. Francis
5. The New Groove
6. The Real Dr. Johnson
7. Rabelaisian Regrets
8. The Hound of Heaven
9. The Frivolous Man
10. Two Stubborn Pieces of Iron
1. Henry James
2. The Strange Talk of Two Victorians
3. Laughter
4. Tales from Tolstoi
5. The New Case for Catholic Schools
6. Vulgarity
7. The Revival of Philosophy - Why?
8. Vandalism
9. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
10. The Erastian on the Establishment
11. The End of the Moderns
1. Walter De La Mare
2. The Meaning of Metre
3. Concerning a Strange City
4. The Epitaph of Pierpont Morgan
5. The New Bigotry
6. Books for Boys
7. The Outline of Liberty
8. A Note on Nudism
9. Consulting the Encyclopedia
10. If I had only one sermon to preach
11. If Don John of Austria had married Mary Queen of Scots