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The Holy Qur'an/Preface To Third Edition

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BESIDES the names which I mentioned in my Preface of 1934, of those who have assisted me in various ways, I have much pleasure in adding a few more at this stage. Khān Ṣāḥib Khwāja Laṭīf Aḥmad, of the Central Provinces Educational Service, has been a diligent and critical reader of the Parts as issued, and fis friendly correspondence has enavled me to correct misprints and elucudate some points. Mr. Fadhl Muḥammad Khān, I.F.S., of Lahore, as well as Mian Muhammad ‘Abdullah, B.A, LL.B, of Lahore, have also been helpful in pointing out misprints. Maulvi Muhammad Shafi, Principal of the Oriental College, Lahore, has been good enough to answer most readily my queries on questions of scholarship referred to him. To these and other gentlemen, who have favored me with correspondence, I have much pleasure in expressing mu obligation.

The zeal and energy which my publisher, Shaikh Muḥammad Ashraf, has thrown into the work, require renewed acknowledgement. For four years he and I have co-operated in a great undertaking, and all processes connected with it have been carried out by loving Muslim hands.

Since I last greeted my readers collectively I have been able to perform the Pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca and the sacred territory around it and seen with my own eyes the city and territory of Medina, with all the country around and between the holy Cities. I have realised for myself the scenes in which the revelations came which I have humbly sought to interpret. I hope that some glimpses of this experience will have been conveyed to my dear readers. Will they pray that God may give me strength to complete this work and to serve Islam in other ways?