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I am Doug here as well as on all Wikimedia Foundation projects, Botwiki, Pipedia, and my personal wiki.

I am an administrator on here. Additionally: I am the system administrator and manager (≈ WMF Steward) of a private wiki, a steward, bureaucrat, and sysop on Botwiki, a grapheocrates (bureaucrat) and măgistrātus (admin) on the Latin Wikisource, an administrator on the English Wikisource and the English Wikipedia, and a transwiki importer on the multilingual Wikisource.

I run DougBot on the multilingual wikisource, the english wikisource, the latin wikisource, wikimedia commons, botwiki, and here; DougBot is flagged on all of the foregoing except commons, where a request is pending. I also run Interwiki-Bot on all wikisource projects (globally flagged).